The Benefits Of Social Media


Social Media puts you and your business in the digital space where an estimated number of over 5 billion people share their thoughts and interact every second. Your presence on Social Media is the first step into unravelling the numerous business opportunities on it. What are these opportunities and benefits?

Prove Brand Dependability and Gain Brand Trust

Social media is like the Colosseum now. It has become an essential part of our daily activities, where we buy food, clothes and even seek companionship. It is where you demonstrate that your cereal still tastes crunchy two weeks after purchase when other brands cereals have withered. And people will see.

So today, for you and your business to exist, it is vital to be present on social media where over half of the world population spend most of their time. The first point of research for John (your average consumer) when he wants to buy a shoe. How do you demonstrate your abilities to a group of people in a stadium without being in their midst? You see that you have to be among the people first before you show them your know-how. It is the same with social media. You have to be there (have a social media account) first before demonstrate your brand capabilities. So, if being on social media alone gives your brand a sky-like exposure, now imagine the benefits to you if we properly post your brand essence and product benefits to the right audience at the right time consistently. Gigantic, right?

Reach and Attract Your Target Audience

There are over 5 billion people on social media, almost 5X the population of China! The proliferation of the time this sea of people spend on social media makes social media the easiest and most profitable place to sell or showcase any product. And to leverage social media with its tools to sort the flood of people it accommodates into various categories according to their gender, age, location, interest, and behaviour continues to be vital and profitable. It has let forward-thinking businesses directly reach out to their target audience at an affordable and fast rate. Social media is the shortest way for you to reach out directly to your target audience.

Reach Your Customers Directly

The spread of mobile technology like smartphones makes it very handy for people to carry social media everywhere they go. The ease of carriage gives them instant access to social media 24/7. Now, people speak on issues as they happen, consumers send feedbacks to brands, and brands send updates directly to customers. These interactions occur every second of every day. The instant, unhindered communication and access to social media make it a powerful platform for businesses today to boost their brand value by facilitating useful and direct communication with customers to build favourable relationships. For example, when someone buys a shoe from your shop, they are likely to take a photo with it on, post it to Instagram and tag your brand (this happens way more often than you might think!). Your brand can then like the photo, comment on it, share it on your Instagram, etc. This type of positive interaction encourages brand loyalty and shows people that your customers love your brand. Imagine this other example, say a mishap occurred with shipping one of your products to a customer, and the customer lets you know about it on social media. You can quietly provide a solution to that customer and take care of their needs all within private messages on social media. And prevent the customer from publishing a negative review of your business online. The possibilities of direct communication with consumers on social media are endless.

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Put Your Website As Top Result For Google Search (Optimised SEO Ranking)

Remember earlier when we said that social media marketing services work best with your other marketing services and vice versa? Well, here is an example of that. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting your website to rank at the top on search engines like Google. For example, if you sell cars in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, you would want your website to appear as the #1 search result when somebody types – car shop Lekki Phase 1, Lagos – on Google, right? SEO is the process that helps you do that, and you can learn more about our SEO services here. So, what does social media marketing have to do with SEO? Well, there are hundreds of ranking factors that Google looks at when determining which websites to rank first, and social media is one of those factors. The more backlinks you receive to your site from social media from people sharing your content and talking about your business, the more importance Google places on your website. What is a backlink? A backlink is a link from another website that links back to your website, and backlinks are crucial to Google. So while you are carrying out your social media strategy to reap all of the social media benefits we are discussing, you are simultaneously assisting your SEO rankings as well.

Make More Profit

One of the main aims of businesses is to make profits, and social media helps you do that well. Some Social Media Management activities are to gain followers and to convert those followers to customers eventually. It starts with targeting the right people from the beginning and building your online presence effectively with a thought-out social media marketing plan. You do not want your social media marketing efforts to yield no result, so that is why we want to help you make the most out of social media! We know how to simultaneously focus on the followers and engagement while keeping the end goal of profit in mind.

Build Enduring Connections With New Audiences Online

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